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Meet the people and learn about the magic behind Kiwi Pics.

Joanna Piatek

Founder and Director
NZIPP Accredited Photographer
Board Member - Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce

Kiwi Pics was as an idea I had in 2018 and by Christmas 2019, together with Oliver Corby we set out to take it off the drawing board and on-line.

I am a photographer and a journalist with 30 years of corporate sales and marketing experience. Along the way I have produced news material, brokered commercial property, co-owned a radio station and published a book. I am currently working locally and have a studio providing photography solutions to business and private individuals.

The idea of setting up Kiwi-pics came from the fact that I am often asked to provide local imagery with “real” people from the New Zealand business community. Imagery with Kiwi signs, roads, cars and feel to go into marketing and brand material. When Oliver and I brainstormed I knew I had found the right fit for us to make it real. We only have one life – right?

Although born in Sweden, where I grew up and still spend a lot of time, I love New Zealand and what it offers. I also believe it deserves its own quality Stock library.

What say you? Are you in on the ride?

Current Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Dream Camera: Hasselblad X1D II 50C

Oliver Corby

Co-Founder and Director
IT Consultant
Retail Systems Specialist

When Joanna approached me regarding the concept of Kiwi Pics, I’ll admit I was immediately sold. Not just by the idea but the person behind it. Joanna has experienced many successes over the years and when someone like that pens their mind to an idea – I knew I’d be a fool to miss out!

I have over 16 years of experience in IT. From Web Design & Development to Systems Architecture and Consulting. Being primarily from the Retail Industry (Luxury Perfumes & Cosmetics) I was confident I could commission a platform that would fulfill all of Kiwi Pics industry leading requirements and more.

As a keen Nature Photographer myself and married to a Wellingtonian, I love travelling all over the North & South islands to capture as many special moments as possible. My favourite being the Tongariro Alpine Crossing for its incredible palette, from rugged and harsh to tropical oasis, it never ceases to surprise me (or my Nikon…)

I intimately understand just how unique Photography is in New Zealand and proud to say no one else can offer what Kiwi Pics can, proudly Kiwi at it’s core with a strong sense of community, whilst being so easy and quick to find exactly what you want… all without the cost, time and risks of doing a shoot yourselves.

Current Camera: Nikon D7500
Dream Camera: Nikon D850

Ingrid Corby

Head of People & Finance

Who am I? I’m the support network and the cheerleader, I’m the one that pushes for results and celebrates successes. And I am so excited to be involved with Kiwi Pics and the amazing journey that brought us here!

After moving to London from NZ in 2013 to train to be an actor, I moved to the South Coast of the UK and got back into Retail, not knowing this would lead me to my new found passion of people development. I worked with a variety of retailers in multiple capacities in the UK and Middle East, and my consistent goal was to enhance my team’s capabilities and enable them to see their true potential. Seeing people and businesses grow is inspiring and that is what I hope to bring to Kiwi Pics – I see this platform as a pillar for Kiwi creatives and I am so thrilled to be a part of it.

What I love more than my work however, is my family and New Zealand – so in late 2020 (32 weeks pregnant…) we moved back to NZ and I couldn’t be more excited to be home. New Zealand is a beautiful place and I love seeing all the incredible photographs of this country captured by our talented contributors.

What’s to lose? Get involved and join our family now!

Corran Crispe

Head of Marketing

Our Story

Everyone has a story, ours is sure to capture your interest.

To support the New Zealand photographic community and their whānau. Both financially with high earning rates and to gain them recognition for their talents.

We only permit Contributors that live and work within New Zealand to register with us although we welcome customers from all over the world. As a result, all of the content shown on Kiwi Pics is real and authentic New Zealand imagery.

To offer our customers a welcoming, vibrant, easy to use website that’s quick to find and purchase an image, hire a talented Photographer, or discuss photography in a forum with like minded individuals. 

Our intention is to offer a Mobile App that allows you to do all of this and more from the palm of your hand too so stay tuned!

December 2019: Kiwi Pics is named and the concept shared by Joanna.

March 2020: Prototype website designed by Oliver on test servers. More ideas floated of what we can do to help the photographic community and how we can achieve them.

June 2020: Beta website is released and is fully functional. Tested by a handful of select NZ Testers for feedback.

July 2020: Kiwi Pics NZ Limited is officially incorporated and registered by Joanna.

August 2020: The next website revision is released and further testing performed with Subscriptions and the Forum concept.

October 2020: Ingrid and Corran are welcomed onboard and share their experience and input on the future of the company.

December 2020: All technical details on the website are functional but mutually agreed a re-theme is required to make the site feel more dynamic and vibrant.

February 2021: New theme selected, tailored and shared across the website. New capabilities added along with a new menu system.

March 2021: New Watermarking and Security capabilities added to protect content. Cryptocurrency payments added and Yearly customer plan options provided.

April 2021:
We’re ready – it’s launch month!

  1. To operate solely from safe and secure New Zealand based web servers that directly support our economy. (Right now, they’re in Grafton, Auckland).

  2. To only permit contributors that live and work in New Zealand, this includes businesses that are registered here.

  3. To not charge unnecessary fees and operate under the ethos of ‘good and honest’ Kiwi business.

  4. To offer our customers a selection of affordable Plans to suit every budget.

  5. To accept as many forms of currency as possible to make it as easy as possible for our international customers.

  6. To assume the customer and contributor is always right and to go the extra mile, every time, to keep them happy.

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