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Kiwi Pics is a small and entirely online based Kiwi Business. We have no physical store. Our business model therefore relies upon every marketing technique you can think of in order to be discovered and to succeed. With your skills as an Affiliate Marketer, not only are you helping us to be found but you are also helping to connect a customer with their perfect image. The best part though, you are paid every single time these introductions lead to a sale. It’s that simple. Think of it as our little way of saying thank you…

5 Reasons to refer Kiwi Pics…

With us you will earn 10% of every image that is purchased via your unique Affiliate link. So if the customer you linked to us spends $100 – you just made $10!

With access to your own online Affiliate Area you can link customers to us 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Just generate your link and market it to your audience. You can monitor the results of your success and generate Reports in your Affliate Area too!

We actively encourage you to market us on your Social Media, your Website, relevant Forums and using Search engines. However you cannot market us on anything rude and/or inappropriate. Not only is it likely to be illegal but it will earn you an immediate ban. So remember – keep it clean and get paid mean!

Most ‘affiliate marketing friendly’ websites are very restrictive with the style of unique links they force you to use, after all it’s their right, right?

We take a different approach and allow our Affiliate Marketers to edit and create their own unique links. This flexible approach will help you to better tailor your marketing strategy to your audience and in turn boost your chances of success.

We also provide you access to ‘Creatives’ in your Affiliate Area which contain our Logo and some Banners for you to advertise with too if you wish. We only ask that none of them are advertised on anything rude and/or inappropriate. Not only is it likely to be illegal but once again – it will earn you an immediate ban.

We do not make you wait until you reach silly ‘minimum totals’ to be entitled to your payout, after-all you’ve earn’t every cent! We pay all our Affiliate Marketers securely by PayPal on the 1st of each month. Relax in the comfort of knowing that you can shape your marketing strategies around a consistent payout date.

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Once you have completed all above fields and submited your application – we will review it which can take up to 72 hours. If you cannot see the above form you are already an Affiliate and need to sign in by clicking here.

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