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Welcome to Kiwi-Pics,

Picture this – your newly designed brochure or social media post hits the inbox of your target market and the imagery instantly gets attention as it looks Kiwi real, with people and signage that looks familiar, local and connected.

Wow, right? And just what you have been looking for.

New Zealand’s unique business style, people, nature and traffic has its very own feel and look. From fauna to ethnicity. When you are creating marketing material for social media, print material or anything requiring photography to tell your story, you want it to relate!

As a Photographer in New Zealand, I could see this. I’m constantly asked by councils, small businesses and many many others if there is any imagery ready and suitable immediately. There might not be time for a shoot, or it’s too expensive to set up just for one or two images. The client just wants one pic, and now! Of a traffic sign, a local bridge, a work site etc etc… You get the picture!

This gap in the Kiwi photo stock library market has driven us to create a brand new and relevant New Zealand Library.

And here it is… Kiwi-Pics.

This is just the beginning. Like any good stock library we want your input and your Kiwi Photography!

The opportunity to Buy and Sell photography through Kiwi-Pics begins now and you are most welcome to join us!

Photographers – Turn Your Passion into a passive income by Signing Up HERE.

We wish you every success and look forward to being right there with you every step of the way.

Ngā mihi,
Joanna & Oliver
Founders – Kiwi Pics

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